Love It: “7 Reasons Writing a Book Makes You a Badass”

Just a quick link to a Writer’s Digest article by Brian A. Klems called “7 Reasons Writing a Book Makes You a Badass” that’s sure to boost your writerly spirits – it certainly improved my mood! πŸ™‚


Another Inspiring Resource for Writers

As a subscriber to Writer’s Digest e-mails, I recently discovered Chuck Sambuchino’s column “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far” in which he gets published authors to list, well, seven different things they’ve learned on the road to being published.


I love reading the different responses from authors who write books that are all over the genre spectrum. It inspires me to get writing, giving me that motivational kick in the pants I sometimes need. Because, if I don’t get to work, how will I become one of them?

My Newest Discovery: Writer Unboxed

So, this is a short, little post because I have bronchitis and severe allergies right now, but I wanted to let you all in on a cool, new writing resource I recently stumbled upon: Writer Unboxed. It’s a blog that is bursting at the seems with posts by writers and writerly professionals with all sorts of great advice.


People who post to Writer Unboxed talk about all aspects of writing, from the creative side to the business side. I find that reading a post or two from blogs like this helps me break through writer’s block by getting me fired up about writing.

I love to hear about new [to me] writing resources. If any of you out there have any that they recommend, I’d love to check those out, too.