I Forgot How Hard This Part Is…

So, I started writing the first Avery Jacobs novel this evening, and, boy, I forgot how hard it is to write that beginning and like it enough to move on. I keep tweaking and changing and haven’t gotten more than 730 words on the page. Ugh. I feel like it is somehow harder now that I know more about this process than it was when I wrote my first manuscript. Shouldn’t it be easier?

In other news, I started reading the third Alex Craft novel, Grave Memory, by Kalayna Price. So far, I love it.


However, I honestly expected nothing less because I love this series. The voice is amazing, the characters are fully-developed, and the love triangle is done amazingly well – I don’t want to smack the main character repeatedly until she chooses one of them, which is my normal reaction to these things. Instead, my knees get wobbly right there with her. Go check this series out! It’s definitely become one of my favorites!


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