Would You Read This?

So, I finally have a passable “back cover synopsis” of my current work-in-progress. What do you think?

Try as she might to ignore it, Avery Callahan is an oracle.

She isn’t able to see the future, she can’t read minds, and she certainly doesn’t use Tarot cards. Her gift gives her other peoples’ memories of the past – whether she wants them or not.

Most of the time, the mental walls that Avery has built over the past decade are enough to keep the memories from overwhelming her. However, her control has been slipping lately as her carefully constructed life in Chicago begins to fall apart, so she decides that it’s time to move back home to Boise, Idaho to try to get things back to normal again.

But when a killer starts leaving the heads of missing college students in Boise’s public parks, Avery finds herself the unwilling recipient of the perpetrator’s memories of the murders. Propelled by guilt from her past and insider knowledge of the crimes, Avery goes on a hunt to find the killer.

Now time is running out as more students go missing, and Avery must break down the walls that have kept her gift at a safe distance if she wants to save them. Even if the consequence of doing so may change her life forever…


5 thoughts on “Would You Read This?

    • Woot! Thanks for the interest and the nomination. Sadly, I’m way overbooked and can’t pass along the Liebster award right now – but I really appreciate the thought. Congratulations on being nominated yourself!

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