The Work-Writing Balance

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer
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I stumbled upon this infographic last week when working on some content for the Compendia (a blog I’m co-writing that goes live this Valentine’s Day), and it couldn’t come at a more apt time.

I’m at that researching/brainstorming stage in novel writing where it’s easy for me to make excuses that put off that actual writing part. I’m still reading about plot, I tell myself. I haven’t completely figured out her magical gift, I add. And then there’s the fact that the police haven’t responded to my e-mail requesting a few answers to some logistical and jurisdictional questions. Oh, and of course I also still need to actually write out my outline in detail.

So many reasons that I simply cannot begin writing! Riiiight…

It’s way too easy – since I’m at work or en route for 13 hours each weekday and tired when I get home – to procrastinate. I am great at convincing myself that I’ll do it tomorrow, this weekend, during my lunch break… But I usually don’t get to it – or, at least, I don’t get as much done as I’d needed or wanted to.

But this little image reminds me that writing gets easier once you start. I simply need to sit down in front of my laptop, place my hands on the keyboard, and begin – even if I am still in the ideas stage. Wish me luck!

Since I’m not at the point of word-count goals, anyone have any tips or tricks of the trade that help them push through their particular procrastination demons during this part of the process?


2 thoughts on “The Work-Writing Balance

  1. I, too, seem to be able to procrastinate or make excuses as to why the work is not getting done. Yesterday I blamed the cat for making me want to nap instead! I don’t know that there are any magic tricks to push through it… Just willpower and focus. I am working on finding mine! πŸ™‚

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