A Deep Breath

This writing thing is intoxicating. There’s something so wonderfully enticing about seeing your words on a page and imagining a glorious future: books on shelves, people knowing your name, making money doing something you love… I find it utterly easy to get caught up in it to the point where I just want it all to start. I want my career in writing to begin immediately with a childish eagerness that defies the logical progression of things.

So, I’m taking a deep breath and looking at my manuscript and the feedback I’ve gotten from it. The truth is that it is just not ready yet. And no matter how much I will it to be good enough now, nothing but time and revisions will get it to submission-ready perfection. The zen part of me had a talk with the impatient child part of me, and now I’m working on relaxing into the knowledge that, truly, there is no rush. It will take the time it takes to get it to the level that it needs to be at.

And that’s that.

On that note, I’m off to revise some more and check out some new books on writing. Anyone have any favorites that have really made a difference in their experiences?


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