Slight Change to the Plan: Self-Publish?

I know what you are thinking:


Yeah, well, me too.

However, after doing lots of research on traditional versus self-publishing, deciding that I was, of course, going to go the traditional route, I had an epiphany. I read an article or two about the future of publishing, another few about the timeline for authors from start to in-the-store and on-the-shelf, one about how much money people make self-publishing e-books versus traditional publishing, and two about the success stories of Michael J. Sullivan and Hugh Howey.

And I realized: the publishing industry is changing at a lightening-fast rate. Magazines are going belly-up every day, publishing houses are merging to better handle the digital age, and things just aren’t that simple anymore. Traditional publishing is no longer the no-brainer it once was for people who want to be legitimate writers. …Even though I thought it was until this past week, snob that I am. Truthfully, I just want to be the next J.K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, or, yes, even Stephenie Meyer (have you read Host? it’s goooood).

But that’s not realistic. That’s chance. What I realized today over coffee with my husband is that I really just want to be able to tell stories to people and make a little money. Someday, hopefully, a lot of money. But for now, I just want to start!

So, I’m exploring my options. Now, I just have to get my butt in gear so that I can revise and polish this manuscript up til it shines.

And here’s a nice note to end on since I’m in the revision stage – hope you find this as funny as I do: - Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.


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