Want to Critique My Novel?

Hi Everyone! I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I got to spend mine playing with a 7-week-old golden retriever puppy – he was very, very cute. I also got to finally – finally – finish my revisions to my manuscript. I am proud to say that the third draft is DONE! Woohoo!

And just in time, too. This Thursday (well, technically this Wednesday at midnight), my manuscript will come up in the queue on critters.org. At that point, members of the critters community will have the option to critique either the first two chapters, or to volunteer to critique the whole darn thing. I am so excited. I’m hoping that I get at least a couple people willing to take on the entire 112,000 word monstrosity that is Augira. More than a couple would be even better, but I’m trying to be realistic. It’s only sort of working. So, cross your fingers for me!

And, to keep you interested, here is a little snippet from Chapter 10. Some authors seem to like to give their blog readers 6 sentences from their manuscripts to keep them happy. I’m giving you 9. 🙂

After almost two days of travel, Renna was getting used to the banging and bouncing of the wagon. She was also getting used to the idea that the her recent illness was causing her to go slowly, inevitably mad.

Every time a Disciple got within arms’ reach of her, Renna could count on a sudden headache and itching hands. However, once he was close enough, those physical sensations were easily forgotten, drowned out by the overwhelming compulsion to touch the man. There was nothing romantic or sexual in that desire. It was a feral hunger, drawn out without her consent by something lurking under the Disciple’s skin that seemed to call to this dark impulse within her. If she thought about it, Renna was actually quite terrified. It took all of the restraint she possessed to resist these urges, and she was fairly certain that, one of these times, she would be overpowered.

She shuddered to think of what would happen then.


3 thoughts on “Want to Critique My Novel?

  1. I’ve just had a brief glance over you blog. Congratulations on deciding to take up writing and, even more, on completing and redrafting your initial manuscript. I spend a lot of my spare time critiquing fellow writers; I think it’s important to encourage one another.

    I would be happy to read your novel and provide feedback. But what are your primary concerns that you’d like to have examined? Plot holes, characterisation, dialogue, general authorship?

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