Self-Doubt, Critters, 50 Word Story Prompts, and Other New, Exciting Ways to Procrastinate

I am extremely talented at putting off working on my novel. I have just spent an untold number of minutes (hours, truth be told) looking at various tools for writers.

Why am I procrastinating? Well, let me tell you.

I’m starting to worry that, quite simply, my story isn’t interesting enough. In a guilty-pleasure tv show I watched recently, a female character was told that she was boring by an ex-boyfriend. Her best pal is immediately offended for her, saying that being called boring is “…like, the worst thing you can say to someone.” And, well, I’m terrified that, compared to the other stuff being published in my genre right now, my manuscript is just too boring. Yikes.

On the other hand, my self-doubt did lead me to stumble upon Writer’s Digest and their top 101 websites for writers. I eagerly jumped into that rabbit hole, and ended up on, an online writing group/workshop. I’d heard of it before, but today I am proud to say that I signed up. Soon, I’ll add my manuscript to the queue and have more real-life people critiquing my work. Of course, I have to do the same for others, but I’m really excited.

Another part of my morning procrastination landed me on a blog that challenges writers to create a 50 word story out of a one or two word prompt. I figured, hey, why not. Today’s prompt was “wake up.” I took some liberties, but here it is, in all its 50-word glory:

The barest hint of golden light seeps slowly across the seam of the night sky, the colors melding into something not-quite-black. Moment by excruciating moment, bright fingers grip the edge of the earth and pull themselves up, spilling light, pure and yellow, across the world. Awaken. It is time.

Alright, enough fooling around. Time to get back to work!


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