Finding the Balance

Alright, all you aspiring writers: how do you do it?

I’m trying to find the balance between writing and real-life-stuff, and I think that I’m a little stuck. I realized yesterday that, for a variety of reasons, I hadn’t touched my manuscript in four days. And I’ve got a deadline coming up that I have no chance of meeting. I’ve revised 158 pages of my 380-some (and growing) draft, but I thought I could have the whole thing revised and in second draft form by November 1st. Yes, two days from now.


So, tell me, readers, any advice on balancing writing with the everyday stuff that comes in between?


2 thoughts on “Finding the Balance

  1. I can relate totally! I actually printed off a calendar and wrote out my writing goals for each and every day (and didn’t make them too hard) I know what I must do to stay on track and its helped a lot so far. OH and a funny trick – I write faster after a glass of wine, HAHA!

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