103,038 Words! (and an excerpt)

Holy cow! I did it! Remember when I had that goal of 100,000 words? Yes? Ok, good. Now, remember how I didn’t quite meet that goal? Wrote 96,000 and some instead?

Well, I have some great news for you then! Over the past two days, I have written in some extra scenes (a little backstory here, a little character fleshing out there), and my manuscript is now 103,038 words in length. 354 pages long.


I did it! I met and surpassed my goal – I’m definitely at a good submission length now for the publishers on my list. And it feels goooooood.

What’s that? You want proof? Include an excerpt in this blog post, you say? Well, if you insist.

Here’s a little bit of Renna backstory, in the new and improved Chapter 2:

Renna tapped her foot impatiently as she waited in line outside the apothecary, trying to ignore the soft hum in the air and the faint itching in her hands and arms. The line was out the door and down the rickety steps, spilling out into the uneven dirt road. Renna counted the heads in front of her. Nine. Nine people before it would be her turn. She tried to keep her anxiety down, but she could already feel her pulse accelerating. She prayed to the Lord that she wouldn’t have an episode here, but she wasn’t sure how much control He had over these things. Shifting, Renna continued tapping her foot, trying to distract herself from the people in front and behind her in line.

Runin’s apothecary wasn’t usually this busy, but the salt blight had lingered on into the dry season, and there were more sick in the coastal village than usual. Including Renna’s aunt, Kendral. Kendral meant the world to Renna. She’d been the only family Renna had ever known, and Renna would do anything for her. Which meant that she would even come into town for medicine.

They had thought that there was enough fernleaf in the cupboards to last through the blight season, but, as Renna had discovered yesterday, a mold had gotten into one of the jars and made the contents utterly unusable. Kendral had been ill for the last few days, and her fever had broken over a day ago. Still, it wouldn’t do for her to relapse just when she seemed to be getting better. So, Renna had decided to go into town and restock their fernleaf, episodes or no episodes.

Renna ran her fingers along the inch-wide braids that crisscrossed her head, ending in a messy bun and tried to distract herself from the overwhelming press of bodies around her. She had to laugh at herself.

Only a true recluse would find two dozen people overwhelming, she thought, shaking her head.

Her foot continued to tap.


2 thoughts on “103,038 Words! (and an excerpt)

  1. Gratz on the big 100,000+ hit. Always quite an accomplishment for anyone I think! Have you finished the story then? On to the fabulous stage of editing. It’s funny, I used to loathe the editing stage, but now I kind of love it too. I’m learning to embrace all the stages… well, except maybe for the query stage. Still not a fan of that one.

    • Thank you for the support! The story is finished, but I have so many notes on things to change that I’m not certain if I can truly call it “done” yet. But we’ll see! I’m diving into serious editing (the line by line stuff) at this point, and I’m both nervous and excited. I’m definitely dreading querying! I can’t wait to read Shade when it comes out – it looks neat. Good luck!

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