90% Done. Can You Believe It?

Holy cow! Today marked the completion of 90% of my first draft of my manuscript for Augira. I just finished the climax, so it may actually end up shorter than my 100,000 word goal at first. But, I suspect that all the things I want to add during the revision process will get me to a good length.

But still, 90,009 words? Can you believe it? This is the longest thing I have ever written. It is 303 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins. It’s huge! And I did it – I made this wonderful, imperfect, creative thing! I can see the finish line (at least for this part of the process), and I am in awe.

It doesn’t seem real. But in a good way. 🙂

In celebration, here’s a little morsel that leads up to the climax:

“We’re here,” Light Torune said suddenly, pulling Renna from her thoughts.

She looked around. They were out on a main road. The gravel here was firmly packed, and it bore the tell-tale grooves of carriage and wagon wheels. Before them was a modest Temple. The sconces that were affixed to the walls on either side of the great front doors burned softly, and a shiny tile mosaic decorated every free inch of the front wall, colorful tiles depicting the Lord of the Light and his followers in the heavens.

“Beautiful,” Renna breathed, transfixed by the way the light played off the tiles, each little square appearing dark and luminous.

“I know,” Light Torune replied, his eyes also focused on the wonderful mosaic. “Father Gury, the other Disciples, and myself made it during the dry season when I had only ten years to my name. It took all of the dry months, and we barely thought we would have it finished in time.” He chuckled dryly, his eyes distant, obviously reliving a different time. “We barely got the sealant on in time for the first rains.”

Evie walked forward silently, her small, pale hand outstretched as her fingers grazed the tiled wall nearest her. She sighed, running her hand over the mosaic.

“I imagine it’s beautiful,” she said softly.

“It depicts the Lord and his true disciples in the heavens,” Renna said, feeling sorry for the blind girl. “The colors are all darker now, but I suspect that it fairly glows with vivid hues during the day.”

“It does,” Light Torune agreed. He seemed to shake himself out of his reverie. “Let’s go in.” The Light looked around the street, his expression anxious once again. “Quickly, now, before someone sees us.”


5 thoughts on “90% Done. Can You Believe It?

  1. So wait, she’s blind, but she’s also looking at the mosaic? Really well done though! And freaking congratulations! 90,000 words, hooray! Hooray for YOU! That’s a tremendous feeling, you are doing it! You’ve done it! How awesome, so happy for you.

    I’m just crossing over the 65,000 word mark, so I’m looking forward to that glorious 100k mark. I definitely relate to your feeling though. Every word is the most I’ve ever written, and it feels GOOD.

    Here’s to you! I wish you the best of luck in your revising process!

    • Haha, yes, I suppose looking toward the mosaic, or facing the mosaic makes more sense in this situation. Word choice matters, doesn’t it? 🙂

      Thank you for such resounding encouragement – I appreciate it! And how great is it that you are over halfway done? Congratulations!

      • Haha, thank you! It’s great to hear from other people, friends and family and such, but it means most coming from someone who’s been through the trenches, so to speak.

        And now I’m really confused–can she *sense* things? How could she see the light on the tiles or know that it was beautiful? You’ve got me intrigued, I’d buy this book =)

      • Oh no! I was confused – I replied without rereading, and assumed that I had (as sometimes happens) forgotten to write in such a way that it was clear that Evie was blind. In fact, I think you might be mixing up Renna and Evie’s characters, which is also easy to do as I have only put dribs and drabs of the story online.

        But, yay, at least I’ll sell a book to someone other than my immediate family and friends! Looking over your blog, and can’t wait to hear more about your book.

      • Oooohhh, ok, yeah, got it. =P You’ll definitely sell your book, from just that brief excerpt it’s clear you’re a talented writer. There’s pace and flow, natural interactions, good descriptions. You’ll do well, just don’t give up if it takes a while for someone to notice =)

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