Is It Just Me, Or Is It Getting Sloppy In Here?

I passed the 85,000 word mark today, and I am starting to think that my writing is decreasing in quality as I go along. In the beginning, I thought I had a lot of good stuff – great prose, interesting dialogue, etc. Or, at least enough that I could post excerpts here without feeling too self-conscious.

Now, however, it’s more challenging. Am I more critical now, or is my writing getting sloppy in my drive to finish by my self-imposed deadline? Or am I getting bored with the direction the story is meandering in? I wish I knew whether or not this is normal at this stage, but my podcasts and books haven’t covered it. All I know is that my list of things to keep in mind during revisions (i.e. ensuring that I describe the regial palace the same way throughout the book, double-checking that the timeline and time of day makes sense in each chapter) keeps growing and growing. I guess we’ll see. Wish me luck as I begin to write the climax!


4 thoughts on “Is It Just Me, Or Is It Getting Sloppy In Here?

  1. My advice would be not to worry about those things while you’re writing. It will only distract you from your goal. The time for worrying about the plot and everything else will come with editing! Just like what happens with NaNoWriMo. =D

    • True! I think there’s something strangely terrifying about nearing the end of the first stage – it makes it real. I suspect that I am turning my anxiety about finishing the first draft into unwarranted perfectionism. Thanks for the advice!

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