A New Ending!

Hi there! It’s been a while! In fact, it has been exactly two weeks since my last post, since my exciting news that the first draft was completed. Well, throw a cross-country move and a search for an actual job in the mix, and not much has changed since that post.

Until today.

Today, I realized what was wrong with my ending (hint: not enough battles) and what would be much more satisfying and realistic (hint: more battles). So now, after I’ve already decided to tweak my magic system, I’m also changing the ending. And adding new backstory. Yeahhh…I guess this is officially what they call revision.

Now we just have to hope that I can be more balanced in my life and continue this project a little each day so that I can meet my goal of submitting for publishing by Christmas.


The First Draft of Augira Has Been Completed!

I just typed “THE END” on page 321 of my manuscript.

I think I’m in shock.

I didn’t get to 100,000 words, but the story reached its natural ending. My total word count is 95,085. It doesn’t really feel like I finished the story because there are so many changes that I have to make, so much backstory and so many scenes to add. For this reason, I am confident that I will most certainly get to 100,000 words by the time I’m submitting the polished final draft.

Still. “The End.” Holy cow.

I just wrote a novel.

What Denouement?

I have to say, I was able to pace myself using my outline pretty darn well until recently. I suspected I might have this problem, but I detailed my climax so well in my outline that, now that I finished that part, I’m 8,000 words short of my goal. I’m working on the denouement, but, man, what can you really say after a big, climactic battle-type scene?

How about:

“Umm, well, I guess we ought to ride off into the sunset now…” he said dubiously, surveying the carnage around them.

“Yes,” she agreed. “It’s unclear whether or not the author thought about how best to tie things up after her oh-so-important climax, so maybe we’ll have to wait until the sequel to clean up all these dead bodies. Boy, they are going to smell pretty soon!” Her nose wrinkled in distaste.

“But, surely we don’t have to stay here until then? I mean, come on, she has to have a few ideas about what happens between now and her recently hatched idea for a second novel. Right?”

“Well, we can hope so. I, for one, could use a nice, hot bath. Fantasy novels are exhausting! Why, I don’t think I’ve been given a decent night’s sleep in, oh, at least a week. You know, romance novels never have this problem. I hear all the characters get at least one decent night’s sleep a week – and I have a friend in a regency romance, so she should know.”

“That’s not the only thing those characters are getting once a week, am I right?” He waggled his eyebrows lecherously.

“Oh, good Lord,” she sighed, rolling her eyes. “I may ride off by myself at this rate. Men!” She continued to grumble about the other sex as the curtain dropped and the scene faded to black.


90% Done. Can You Believe It?

Holy cow! Today marked the completion of 90% of my first draft of my manuscript for Augira. I just finished the climax, so it may actually end up shorter than my 100,000 word goal at first. But, I suspect that all the things I want to add during the revision process will get me to a good length.

But still, 90,009 words? Can you believe it? This is the longest thing I have ever written. It is 303 pages double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins. It’s huge! And I did it – I made this wonderful, imperfect, creative thing! I can see the finish line (at least for this part of the process), and I am in awe.

It doesn’t seem real. But in a good way. 🙂

In celebration, here’s a little morsel that leads up to the climax:

“We’re here,” Light Torune said suddenly, pulling Renna from her thoughts.

She looked around. They were out on a main road. The gravel here was firmly packed, and it bore the tell-tale grooves of carriage and wagon wheels. Before them was a modest Temple. The sconces that were affixed to the walls on either side of the great front doors burned softly, and a shiny tile mosaic decorated every free inch of the front wall, colorful tiles depicting the Lord of the Light and his followers in the heavens.

“Beautiful,” Renna breathed, transfixed by the way the light played off the tiles, each little square appearing dark and luminous.

“I know,” Light Torune replied, his eyes also focused on the wonderful mosaic. “Father Gury, the other Disciples, and myself made it during the dry season when I had only ten years to my name. It took all of the dry months, and we barely thought we would have it finished in time.” He chuckled dryly, his eyes distant, obviously reliving a different time. “We barely got the sealant on in time for the first rains.”

Evie walked forward silently, her small, pale hand outstretched as her fingers grazed the tiled wall nearest her. She sighed, running her hand over the mosaic.

“I imagine it’s beautiful,” she said softly.

“It depicts the Lord and his true disciples in the heavens,” Renna said, feeling sorry for the blind girl. “The colors are all darker now, but I suspect that it fairly glows with vivid hues during the day.”

“It does,” Light Torune agreed. He seemed to shake himself out of his reverie. “Let’s go in.” The Light looked around the street, his expression anxious once again. “Quickly, now, before someone sees us.”

Is It Just Me, Or Is It Getting Sloppy In Here?

I passed the 85,000 word mark today, and I am starting to think that my writing is decreasing in quality as I go along. In the beginning, I thought I had a lot of good stuff – great prose, interesting dialogue, etc. Or, at least enough that I could post excerpts here without feeling too self-conscious.

Now, however, it’s more challenging. Am I more critical now, or is my writing getting sloppy in my drive to finish by my self-imposed deadline? Or am I getting bored with the direction the story is meandering in? I wish I knew whether or not this is normal at this stage, but my podcasts and books haven’t covered it. All I know is that my list of things to keep in mind during revisions (i.e. ensuring that I describe the regial palace the same way throughout the book, double-checking that the timeline and time of day makes sense in each chapter) keeps growing and growing. I guess we’ll see. Wish me luck as I begin to write the climax!

Last Night I Dreamed About a Character From My Book!

Holy cow, guys, last night I dreamed about a character from my book. Specifically, Regis Dahven (the king-like ruler with multiple personalities) and I were working on some save-the-world plot together. Now, we weren’t actually in my story world, but he was definitely in my dream.

And really, how cool is that?!?! 😀

I Met My Goal: 10,000 Words During a Vacation

Well, I did it! I said I would write 10,000 words by Labor Day – despite my current vacation in Idaho – and I did! In fact, I wrote 10,297 words ending today, putting me over 10,000 before Monday, September 3rd. Woohoo!

I’m now winding up to the climax, a big, exciting confrontation that I can’t wait to get down on paper. At 82,645 words at present, I have about 18,000 left to fit it all into. Of course, I’m perfectly okay with going over my 100,000 word goal; we’ll just have to see what happens! Hard to believe that all of this hard work is paying off: I’ll have written the first draft of a novel in three months.

Isn’t life amazing?