I’m 75% Done with the First Draft – Now Should I Change the Title?

Hi! Guess what? Well, I won’t make you guess – I’ve written 75,069 words as of, well, about 3 minutes ago.

Woohoo! 75%!!

It’s really amazing – even though I’m a week or so late in reaching this milestone – that I’ve gotten this far. 260 pages of glorious, glorious text. And only 25,000 words left to go! At this point, I feel confident that I will finish the first draft on time {knock on wood}.

There’s only one problem: I just thought up a whole new backstory for one of my characters. Oops! It’s just so much more interesting this way. We’ll just have to see how Evie (the blind, ethereal girl who has visions of the mad regis’ death and walks up to the palace to tell him so) changes from the first draft to the second. I, for one, can’t wait.

Now, let’s talk titles.

I’m currently reading The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published (as I have been for months. What? It’s a dense book!). They have me wondering about my title. The authors discuss the need for a clear, punchy title that intrigues without going over someone’s head. And yet, Brandon Sanderson did just fine with Elantris, so I feel like I could do just fine with Augira. Both are made-up words of things/places in the story. I really like the simplicity and the [hopefully] intriguing nature of Augira.

However, what do you, readers, think about it compared to The Last Augira? Is shorter better? Because, well, Renna is the last Augira, the last one of her kind, born with the ability to access her Auri, the energy that sustains life in all living things – and the Auri of others.

So, Augira or The Last Augira?


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