Blogging While Writing

It’s been fascinating to watch this blog-site as I write. When I first created it, I couldn’t stop myself from looking to see how many hits I had gotten throughout the day, how many comments, how many followers. After the initial burst of activity, I’ve been rather viewerless for almost a week. And I’m not as bothered by it as I would have been in the beginning.

Maybe this is due to the fact that I am making significant progress on Augira’s first draft. As of yesterday, I had written over 2/3 of it. While I am aware that getting to the 100% mark doesn’t mean I will be anywhere near “done” with the novel, it is really, really, really exciting nonetheless. After that, it’s revision time, which I am actually looking forward to. What can I say? I love editing.

Still, I’ll have to find ways to keep this little blog afloat as I get closer and closer to the first finish line!


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