The Best Thing About Listening to Writing Podcasts

The nice thing about listening to a podcast done by actual, successful writers is that they really do make a difference in how I feel about my writing.

Sometimes, it just feels like it’s not good enough.

But then, Howard Taylor and Dan Wells come along on their podcast (Writing Excuses) and make me feel better. Nothing boosts my self-confidence more than hearing that Brandon Sanderson’s first drafts aren’t all that good either!

[Dan] This is one of the great things about being in a writing group with Brandon Sanderson. Because… you all love his books, I know, they’re great, I love them as well. I get to read his first drafts and they are just as awful as everyone else’s. It’s so great to see Way of Kings in its 5 inches of titanium binding or whatever and think, “He’s so good, and he’s so successful,” and then read the first draft of his next one and you’re like, “Really, dude?”
[Howard] As long as Brandon can’t be with us, we might as well tell stories about him. The… he and I were at the gym, and he was talking about the pitch for Way of Kings, pitching it to Tom Doherty. He described the pitch to me. A little part of my brain said, “Really? Really? You’re going to try and sell 10 books on that? Are you serious?”


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