What is ‘Augira’ About?

Now, some of you may be thinking, “I really appreciate the bits and pieces of the rough draft that Lauren keeps posting, but what is this Augira book really about?”

That, my friends, is an excellent question. I’ve written up the rough draft of the summary that goes on the back cover of a novel, so hopefully this gives you a better idea of the storyline.

Almost two hundred years ago, powerful mages known as “Augiri” battled for control over Alcostia and the surrounding nations. The most powerful was eventually defeated, but his reign of terror left Alcostia scarred and afraid. A religious order born from the ashes of this conflict tasked itself with the eradication of the Augiri.

Now, the Augiri are almost extinct and anyone even suspected of being an Augira is imprisoned for life – or worse. Without any warning, Renna Farralon is abruptly taken from her home, accused by the Order of Illumination of being an Augira, and transported to the capital for the trial that will determine her fate. Renna has no idea that she is at the heart of a prophecy that predicts the murder of the ruling monarch, Regis Dahven. Nor is she aware of the true madness that lurks within the regis, threatening not only her life, but the future of Alcostia.

The fate of the nation lies in the hands of Renna, a girl who might just be the last true Augira, Regis Dahven, a ruler with multiple personalities and raging paranoia, Shaed Torune, a religious leader suffering a crisis of faith, and Evie, a prophetic blind girl with an uncertain past. Their decisions have the power to destroy Alcostia – or to save it.


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