Warm Up: Lindsay

When Lindsay woke up on Monday morning, she was not at all surprised to discover that she had gone completely and utterly mad.  In fact, she was somewhat amazed that it had not happened sooner.  Her newly acquired mental instability did nothing to hinder her morning routine, and she ate breakfast, got dressed, brushed her teeth, and did her hair and makeup in their usual order.

The only reason this morning was any different from any other was that now she had someone to talk to over her cereal.

To be honest, Lindsay rather enjoyed the company.  Her hallucination was a good conversationalist, much to her relief, and Lindsay found that they had much in common.  In fact, Martha, as the hallucination preferred to be called, was quite chatty.  They discussed the weather, current politics, and fashion, and they even had an existential argument about the meaning of life itself.  Lindsay wasn’t really paying much attention during that part of the discussion, as she happened to be brushing her teeth at the time.  Perhaps if she had, she would have realized that Martha was not actually a hallucination.

She was a ghost.